Some news about my  Painting and Printmaking exploits

Gradcurate , Summer Exhibition, 21 Aug - 5 Oct 2020

Excited to be involved with this exhibition of recent Scottish graduates, held virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions . Very honoured to be amongst such talent! Also, very impressed with the functionality of this online exhibition

'Thoughts Are Free ' Exhibition

Delighted to be part of the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Art "Thoughts Are Free'  Exhibition.  Runs 10 July to 20 August 2020.

Definition of ‘put a sock in it’ (Oxford dictionary):
British informal

  • (usually in imperative) Stop talking.

Thoughts are free, but we are not free from the consequence of our words and actions. This time is overwhelming . We just need to know where we are going and what to do. We need hope. Hope that the virus will abate , quieten down , retract , be muted.


Hope and despair are synonymous with each other. Despair exists in a continuum with hope. Despair at what sometimes feels hopeless . Despair at untruths,  lies, misinformation and a deafening silence at the absurdity of it all . The hypocrisy of it. This work is in direct response to my desire to stop it and them being unbearable. Hope is not given by being hypocritical. Hope must be reflected in positive actions and words

Paisley Art Institute : Annul Exhibition 2020

Pleased to have been selected for the 132nd Annual Online Exhibition launching 25 July and running to 6 September.

Embody Without Burden: A  Celebration of Motherhood exhibition 

Exciting opening at the RGI 'Embody Without Burden' Exhibition.

Opening 7 March 2020. 

Ecofeminism Exhibition: Utopia, Arts Pavillion London

Absolutely thrilled to have my work selected for the Ecofeminism exhibition "Utopia" at the Art Pavilion, London. postponed until 5 November 2020, running until 10 November.

SaltSpace Opening Exhibition

Exciting evening at the SaltSpace Opening Exhibition. Had these two works on show . 11/10/19

AON Community Award 19/20

Absolutely delighted to receive the AON Community Award 19-20 as part of my degree show. Works on display in the Leadenhall building, London until May 2021.

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