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Taking inspiration from Greek Mythology and Renaissance paintings my work engages with the historical tropes of the classical female form found in traditional western paintings and seeks to update these conventions.  Classical paintings of the female form are typically by the male gaze for the male gaze. My work attempts to reclaim the female body image by depicting it through a different lens.

In a society obsessed with body image and youthfulness, females today are under pressure to conform to cultural ideals and this can polarise our fears and insecurities about our bodies. This is true no matter what age a female is. I believe it is important to be supportive of females, young and old and encourage body positivity. Employing simplified forms I wish to  parse the iconographic significance of the female body in contemporary culture through constructing imagined figments of exaggerated, visible female bodies.

The implied narrative in my paintings signifies the right of females to present themselves without fearing criticism and considers how society should desist from being judgmental of a person’s outward facade. In a society obsessed with body image and youthfulness, my work reflects the joyful euphoria some women experience by rejecting the unrealistic and somewhat unattainable expectations placed on them and seeks to reclaim and celebrate more realistic representations of women.



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